Mozart jungle gael garcia bernal amazon change petition

Mozart in the Jungle must come back!

I learned it very late that Mozart in the Jungle got cancelled.

A beautifully written show that is about classical music, feelings, passions, ambitions.

All of a sudden. While there was a good audience for it.

Rumors are that budget will be put into other projects like LOTR.

Mozart jungle gael garcia bernal amazon change petition cananche canan çetin

When such things happen, I can not help but feel angry and disappointed. I mean, you create something beautiful, unique and creative, and someone comes up and tell you “it’s over”. Because there are other projects to shoot, ones that are popular.

You may see it as a paycheck, Amazon, we see an unfinished story out there. Why isn’t there any respect to art, to story, to audience, to music?

How many TV series do we have that educate people about music and feelings? Or how many productions do we have that can be counted as sincere and real?

Maybe you say “Oh c’mon it’s just a series” but we should not let popularity win everytime. Otherwise, we will be left with people who don’t have a taste for art.

I’m not sure how many of signature I can get, or how effective it would be, but I created a petition on and it would be great if there were some reactions for this cancellation.

Here is the link:

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