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City of Dreams: Florence

In my first visit, I recall that my friend with whom I travelled first to Italy was super curious about Florence. She planned our trip to Italy and she designed it in a way that we had to stay longest in Florence. We spent 4 full days over there in a 9-day trip.

I didn’t know at that time why she was insisting so hard on it, until I see how charming Florence is.

ponte vecchio travel viaje viaggio canan çetin photography florence italy

Florence is not a big city, if you plan your trip wisely enough you can pretty much see everything in 2,5 days – actually it sort of depends on how much time you would like to spend time at museums.

I still don’t know what attracted me the most of Florence. To me it is like a place I used to read in tales, in which the author gives some details but not every inch of it so you have to imagine a beautiful, tranquil and perfect place.

If you are planning to visit Florence very soon, I strongly recommend you to stay in PLUS Florence (click this)! It’s very near to centre of the city and prices are very suitable in comparison to others.

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