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Flaked: Netflix Original Serie in Venice Beach

-This content may contain spoiler-

It is universally acknowledged that Netlix Original Series are one of the best thing that happened in this century! (OK, that may sound too enthusiastic but it is obvious that most of Netflix shows are swept us away.)

As a new subscriber, I have been exposed to newcomers on Netflix like Bird Box, La casa de Papel or The Haunting of Hill House. But there are also other shows – not as popular as Stranger Things maybe, but definitely worth watching!

will arnett netflix flaked venice beach los angeles california TV streaming entertainment blog

While I was browsing for some other productions, I saw the colorful image of Flaked and of course, dearest loveliest Will Arnett! Although I’m a great fan of his character GOB in Arrested Development, I was not aware of that he had another serie on Netflix until then. As I started to watch it, I kept saying to myself “How come I didn’t see this before?!”

Here are the reasons why Flaked is so special among Netflix Series:

1) It is not a hysterical drama

Chip, who is in his 40s, runs a stool shop (or doesn’t run but owns. Actually his business matters are complicated for all fictionals and nonfictionals, except him) and is a cool member/sponsor of Anonymous Alcoholics in Venice, LA. Dennis, his best friend, tells him about London who is the new girl in town, and the story begins. Flaked doesn’t show characters as purely good and bad. It shows their dilemmas and mistakes -especially Chip’s.

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Flaked is not one of those shows that contain of a series of hysterical drama or a highly exciting love affair with weirdly stereotyped female characters. In other words, it is not on extremes like many TV shows that we have been watching today. IT IS SIMPLE, SINCERE AND REAL. In season 1 there is a scene in which London and Chip are on the bed talking to each other, making love and being playful, acting and the emotion is so strong that you may actually think like “Is Will Arnett together with Ruth Kearney?”

Sometimes the story reach to a level that can make you say “Man, I wish I was over there, too.”.

2) You don’t want Flaked to end

Its storyline is very smooth and it doesn’t create any binge-watching mood. On the contrary, you will want to watch Flaked very slow, you will not want it to end quickly – Currently there are two seasons and it is not very clear whether Flaked would have its third season on Netlix. I am planning to rewatch it as slow as possible 🙂

dennis chip london flaked tv streaming netflix venice beach california los angeles entertainment blog

3) Beauty of Venice Beach – you’ll want to be a homeless in LA

Once I read about that Los Angeles is one of the main cities facing with the high rate of unsheltered homelessness – higher than New York. Flaked has taken this issue throughout the show. I don’t know what the reasons are behind this high rate, but the beauty of Venice Beach is literally mesmerizing. I, who never thought of having a trip to USA, looked for flight tickets to Los Angeles after this show 🙂 I would love the idea of biking through the Venice streets with Chip.

Venice beach scene scenery will arnett flaked netflix los angeles california evening V

I think it is also what makes Flaked special: The way they shoot and show Venice Beach. There are some scenes in which you feel as if you are looking at some painting or some live-picture.

4) Will Arnett  

I saw him first on Arrested Development and I am a huge fan of the show. Combination of the character and his acting method was genuinely AWESOME. I don’t think there is another actor that would play GOB so well.

Wll arnett chip flaked netflix tv streaming homeless los angeles california entertainment blog

He has taken parts in comedies mostly, but in Flaked you can also see Will Arnett playing a confused, anxious and deep down, sad and hopeless man. I hope we can see Will Arnett in such unique productions like Flaked.

Click & Watch Flaked on Netflix!

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